A group interview session from October 2004, Stephen Schwartz standing over his Yamaha piano, with Brad Ross, Stephen's Oscar for Pocahontas in the glass case, Bob Vieira, Glenn Weiss, Chris Kuczewski (Unlimited), Noel Katz (not pictured) and author Carol de Giere, behind the camera.

The Music of WICKED: The Beginning

Stephen Schwartz began writing music for Wicked in 1998.  There are many songs that have not made it to the final version of the show…and some that have never even made it to workshops and readings of the show!

Below is a list of the cut songs from the show.  Please stay tuned for detailed descriptions of these songs.

Making Good (version 1)*
This version appears on the Fifth Anniversary Special Edition of the Original Cast Recording as well as on Stephanie J. Block’s solo album This Place I Know.
Making Good (version 2)
Bad Situation*
Far Be It From Me
We Deserve Each Other*
Easy as Winkie Wine*
Emerald City Stomp*
Who Could Say No To You?
Which Way Is the Party?
As If By Magic*
The Chance to Fly*
For Goodness Sake*
Happy Healing Day
We Deserve Each Other (reprise)
Step By Step (version 1)*
Step By Step (version 2)
You’re Going to Love Me Now
Reap the Whirlwind
As Long As You’re Mine (reprise)

For the above songs, * denotes a song that was performed at The Yellow Brick Road Not Taken, the Fifth Anniversary Concert presented at the Gershwin Theatre in October 2008.

In an earlier version of the show, “I’m Not That Girl” was performed by Nessarose in Act I.

In earlier versions of the show, “No One Mourns the Wicked” and the Finale were both considerably longer. 

More information coming soon!