When Can We Expect a WICKED Film?

Because there has been so much rumor and speculation...innuendo, out-uendo...let me set the record straight
Talk of a WICKED movie has been circulating for a while now…here is what has been confirmed thus far…
A film version of WICKED is certainly "in the works."  As of this writing, Winnie Holzman (who was nominated for a Tony Award for the stage musical's book) is reportedly going to write the screenplay. 

So when will this movie project begin production?  The first public discussion of the film took place at a fifth anniversary panel discussion at the Museum of the City of New York in 2008.  When asked about the possibility of a film by  discussion moderatorDavid Cote (the author of Wicked: The Grimmerie), Schwartz and Wicked producer David Stone joked that the film version would not go into production until 2016 at the very earliest. 

On June 25, 2009, composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz told UNLIMITED the following:

"The movie of WICKED remains, at this point, a gleam in Universal's eye. Winnie and I are most definitely not working on the screenplay yet."

Although BroadwayWorld.com and Internet Movie Database (IMDB) had reported that Baz Lurhman (MOULIN ROUGE, ROMEO + JULIET, AUSTRALIA) was rumored to direct the film, this rumor was shot down by WICKED’s management team.  Lurhman is NOT set to direct (at least, not at this time). 

In July 2010, Deadline.com reported that the WICKED film was moving along and that Schwartz, Holzman, and WICKED producer Marc Platt had met with four potential directors for the film: Ryan Murphy (GLEE), Rob Marshall (NINE), J.J. Abrams (TV's LOST), and James Mangold (WALK THE LINE). 

In October 2010, Schwartz told Broadway.com that the film would probably be in 3-D.  He also confirmed that he and his team had been meeting with possible directors, including Murphy.  Schwartz admitted that likes Lea Michele (GLEE) and is also a fan of Murphy's work.  However, once again Schwartz stated that the film is still in its very early developmental stages and that fans should continue to be patient.

In an interview with Broadway.com's Paul Wontorek in September 2011, Schwartz stated that he was going to a meeting about the movie directly following the interview.  He stated the following about the production schedule of the film: "We're in the process of...choosing a director, making the deal, getting started on the plans...I mean, I think we're talking a good five years away, at least, but we're getting started."  When asked if he liked the idea of Lea Michele (from television's hit show Glee) in the lead role of Elphaba, Schwartz stated that, although he likes the idea, it all depends on timing: "I have a feeling we have not heard of the people who are going to be playing these leads because they're in high school right now...but I could be wrong..."

In summary, for WICKED fans all over the world, hang in there as we await further news on the film project!